MESPT began operations in the year 2003 by offering wholesale loans to financial organizations such as; Microfinance institutions, savings and credit cooperative societies and financial services associations, for onward lending to micro-enterprises. The trust was created to address the gap in affordable lending and spur economic growth as a deliberate policy. The Trust has since then developed a niche in supporting the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises by providing integrated business solutions for sustainable development.

Since inception, we have cumulatively disbursed Kshs 4.4 billion in micro, small and medium enterprise loans and over 20,000 enterprises have gained access to the MESPT programs, products and services. Today, we are further committed to expanding the impact of our products and services across the micro, small and medium enterprise sector thereby cascading innovation, enterprise, market-building strategies, linkages in addition to supporting and financing green growth enterprises / programs. This will in turn advance our Vision and Mission towards the alleviation of poverty though creation of employment in micro-enterprises and help build a more prosperous society. We achieve this by;

•    Providing loans to financial intermediaries for on lending to enterprises
•    Providing agriculture value chains loans/ green growth enterprises
•    Credit guarantees to value chains & green growth enterprises
•    Capacity building to main players supported along the select value chains

MESPT offers reliable, flexible and affordable financial terms in the financial industry in Kenya. The key focus areas includes:

  1.   General loans for Enterprise development                                                           
  2.   Agribusiness financing
  3.   Green Financing in the areas of:
    •   Renewable energy technologies
    •   Water management technologies
    •   Energy Efficiency
    •   RBF in areas of cook stoves
  4.   Credit guarantees to value chains & green growth enterprises
  5.   Institutional capacity enhancement
  6.   Training and Consultancy

We are keen to initiate discussion on your financing needs in any of the areas with a view of extending a term loan for your on lending.

For more information on Our Product Offering, Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for a loan application, download here


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