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Chairman of The Board of Trustees

Mr. Muriithi Kagai is a development economist and consultant with over 15 years of international development experience advising Donors, NGOs and Governments on development. He has served as Managing Director of a leading development financial institution in Kosovo.

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Vice Chair

Ms. Jaqueline is a lawyer by profession, an advocate of the High Court of Kenya and a certified public secretary. She holds a Master of Laws degree from the University of London specialized in Commercial and Corporate law and a Bachelor of Laws degree from Moi University.


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Mr. Itote Michael is a Director and Principal Consultant of Management Audit Consulting Ltd, which offers consulting services in Enterprise Risk Management, Internal Auditing and other Corporate Governance support services.

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Ms. Minnie is a seasoned Finance and Strategy MBA (University of Manchester, UK) professional with over 25 years’ experience at Senior Bank and Financial Services Management level.



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Mr. Philip Kisabit is a seasoned Microfinance professional in a career spanning over 13 years. He joined Real People Ltd, a South Africa Financial institution, in 2009 and is the Head of Housing Business (Mortgage) in East Africa.


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Ms. Elizabeth is a longstanding development facilitation specialist presently serving as a Programme Manager within the Danida Kenya Country Programme (KCP).

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Mr. Jackson Kinyanjui holds a Bachelor of Education in Economics and Business Education from University of Nairobi (1981). Has a Masters Degree in Development Economics from Williams College in USA Massachusetts.   

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